Recommended: 5 Affiliate Programs for People Interested in Holistic Health

4 Recommended Healing Affiliate Programs

Ok, so you’ve decided to make some money on the Internet. Your niche of choice is holistic health and you’ve got a well-oiled blog and good marketing skills to support it.

When on the lookout for good holistic health affiliate programs, the first thing to know is that the niche, though swelling with money, is selling low-cost products. It is much too reliant on repeat buyers who, generally, do come back for more. With the niche rising rapidly, there are thousands of products waiting for good promotion. Here are 5 affiliate programs that can help you get into business.

  1. Vegin’ Out: As the name suggests, Vegin’ Out deals with vegan and vegetarian food. It is a meal delivery service, the meals being delivered nationwide on a weekly basis. Everything’s on the menu, from entrees to cookies and signing up for their affiliate program will get you 15% commission.
  2. Natural Healthy Concepts: From vegan food we jump to the vitamins and supplement products. NHC is one of the biggest retailers of nutrition supplements, including many herbal and homeopathic remedies. Easily marketable products and trusting clientele are main reasons to accept (somewhat low considering the niche) offer of 8% commission.
  3. CLE Holistic Health: The most important thing in holistic health affiliating is the high percentage of repeated purchases and the low rate of returns. Apparently, CLE Holistic Health boasts of both of these perks. The store sells organic nutritional and dietary supplements and pays commissions of up to 50%! Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, you’ll probably never get half of their earnings, but the company nevertheless has one of the best paying holistic health affiliate programs.
  4. New Vitality: Yet another supplement store, New Vitality is tailored towards middle aged and elderly people. Opting to affiliate with New Vitality, you’ll be narrowing your niche down even more which is always a good thing. Available products range from general nutrition and health supplements to anti-age skin products, and their commission is a respectable 15% of all sales.

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