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Falls in older adults via CDC website below:

NEWS: With lift from the state, tai chi reaches out to seniors

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance is an 8-form version of Tai Chi that Oregon Research Institute studies have found can substantially decrease the risk of falls in older adults.

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    Past Tai Chi workshops:
    July 14-16th Injury Prevention Program Nebraska Health and Human Services,Nebraska Health and Human Services, Lincoln, NE

    November 4-5th 2010 "Wind City" Balance and Dizziness Clinic,Casper. WY

    December 8-9 2010 Department of Elder Affairs Tampa,FL


    Tai Chi: Moving for better Balance Instructor workshops by Suman Barkhas:

    April 7-8, 2012 and June 23-24 2012

    All movements adhere to fundamental principles of Tai Chi: involving weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing stances, good body alignment and coordinated movements conducted in a continuous, circular and flowing motion. Movement coordinates with the inhale/exhale breathing cycle. Movements are taught in sets which can be performed separately and linked to form a sequential routine. This exercise program has been recommended by the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as an effective community-based intervention to prevent falls for older adults (CDC-2008). Other benefits: Social and mental well-being, Balance and daily physical functioning, Self-confidence in performing daily activities, Personal independence and quality of life and overall health.
    For more info: contact Suman 541 515-0462
    E-mail: info@holistichealinginstitute.org

    Participants in this two day training should have some knowledge about working with older adults and experience in Tai Chi or other fitness programs such as yoga, dance, qigong, etc. For questions on needed experience, please use the form below.

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    Suman Sensei Barkhas
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