The New

Welcome to the new Holistic Healing!

Many of today find that modern medicine is missing the big picture when it comes to our health. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are quick to list our symptoms and find on a chart what disease or ailment they THINK we are suffering from. From there they pick one of thousands of high priced drugs at their disposal, write us a prescription and send us on our way, Then they expect us to quietly had over our money and deal with over side affects their miracle drug inflicts on us. Often times, the cure is worse than the disease.

What the doctors miss today is the holistic approach that has been part of healing for thousands of years but more recently forgotten. You don’t just need to treat the body, you have to treat the mind and spirit too. That is the path of true healing.

What sort of topics are we going to be covering on the site?
1. Healing though movement:
One of the major problems of modern life is our lack of movement. People didn’t evolve to be still and that has caused us to develop a wide variety of ailments over out lives. May people feel that though deliberate and focused movement we free our energy to provide healing from within or prevent many problems to start with.

2. Healing though Meditation:
Releasing the power of the mind might be the most effective and is definitely the cheapest method of healing available to us. In our busy lives we rarely have time quite our minds anymore. Mediation is so simple that even young children can learn and practice mediation. It doesn’t require a degree to master, just time and patience.

3. Healing though food:
Today’s feed might just be the toxic part of our lives. Feed lot meats and chemical gardens have been slowly poisoning our families for decades. Convenient restaurant feed has replaced home cooked means and has led to us ingesting chemicals that were never meant to enter our bodies. Simply changing our diets and becoming connected with our feed again is one of the first steeps to holistic healing. We will explore that in great detail in the future.

Over time we hope to become a valuable resource for you and your family as we all explore ways to heal our mind, body and spirit.